Floor Plans From Your Matterport Space

We know matterport is giving the 2D schematic floor plans for flat rate. Our offer is not flat rate and is not going to exceed their rate. More importantly, we customize as per your needs- we can include total area, your logo and address, room colors based on your branding,room names according to your wish and many more *. 

If you order both 2D & 3D, our price is $20 without furniture and $25 with furniture

3D Floor Plan Without Furniture (Price : $20)

3D Floor Plan  With Furniture (Price : $25)

Matterport Scan to 2D Floor Plans (Price : $15 * For All Levels)

* Please note that the extra will be charged for total area logo , property address etc

* 3D -$10 extra each additional levels

* 2D -The Price is for all levels of residential properties. Up to $10 extra for more customization (eg: Logo, OtherĀ  language than English, Total Sq ft, FLoor Color etc)