Join Hands with Us and Stay Safe

Are you a company or person working in Health & Safety industry? We can help you creating high quality plans compliance with UK, Australia and US standards. You provide us the architecture diagram or just give us the hand-drawn picture with equipment details. We will customize the diagram based on your branding. We offer the delivery in 48 hours based on the volume of work

We are into Evacuation Plan Designs for years now. We have completed more than 100 Projects with the some of the leaders in this industry and also for individual clients. We have our own Evacuation Plan templates and will help you in designing one for you with your requirements too. We help you map Emergency Fire Escape Plan with Primary and Secondary Exit Routes to the Assembly Area.

We are skilled in drafting Safety and Emergency Service plans for Commercial building, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Industries and Shopping Mall. Please provide us with a hand drawn drawing/image, and any other specific requirements if you have.

Most of our completed works are from Australia, United Kingdom and United States. We can get your work done in a very reasonable price and in a quick time frame. But, when there is a Emergency comes you can give us the deadline and we are here to meet your needs.

Some of Our Work Samples